Need a new Quality Management System (QMS) or update the existing one?

Our QMS Implementation Program can be tailored to meet your specific QMS needs and can help your organization achieve ISO certification.

What we offer:

We assist organizations in implementing a new ISO-9000/13485 based Quality Management System or maintain and improve the existing QMS. We make sure our clients are properly prepared for registration by tailoring our program to meet their particular needs.

                          AnumTech does not certify or register you to ISO or any other certification. We prepare and lead your organization to certification. 

AnumTech’s QMS Implementation Program is tailored to meet your organization needs.

When organizations write their own documentation, it can take up to few years. But with the AnumTech’s QMS     Implementation Program, documentation writing time is cut by as much as 80 percent

New QMS Implementation program services includes:

  • Gap Analysis: AnumTech can perform the gap analysis to compares the organization’s current QMS, if any, to ISO standards, identifies nonconformities and recommends actions to achieve conformity.

  • Quality Manual Development: AnumTech can help clients write a quality manual that meets the requirements of a variety of different quality management standards, including ISO standards for quality management systems.
  • Procedures Development: Our consultants has over 14 plus years of experience writing Plans, procedures and work instructions, we can help clients write extensive Plans, SOPs or Work-instructions covering methods, strategies and principles used to perform QMS activities.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: We can help clients write a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan and can also help clients in conducting the verification test for the components defined in those plans.
  • Quality Training: AnumTech’s quality experts can design and conduct training workshops on a variety of environmental measurements and Quality Assurance topics to help clients satisfy the training aspect of QMS.
  • Internal Audit Assistance: We have extensive experience performing internal audit and generating audit reports, we can help our clients monitor QMS implementation for conformity to ISO standards.
  • Corrective Action Assistance: We can help clients put together a comprehensive Corrective and Preventive action (CAPA) plan and procedure and guide them through the CAPA process to document and address the QMS nonconformities found during internal audits
After the Quality Management System is successfully implemented, we can remain a partner in your journey through quality maintenance. AnumTech can support you maintaining your QMS, during your certification audit and at future surveillance audits conducted by your registrar. AnumTech’s QMS Maintenance Program can perform this work in a cost-effective and efficient manner, tailored to fit your organization’s needs 

QMS Maintenance program services includes: 

  • Internal Audits: Which are a crucial component in QMS checks and balances, for discovering a major nonconformity during an internal audit can prevent registration from being revoked during the subsequent surveillance audit. Our experience QMS auditors can conduct internal audits twice a year in a professional, efficient and even-handed manner.
  • Corrective Actions: Which are performed after surveillance audits to close out nonconformities.

Our QMS Maintenance Program frees up client personnel for regular job duties and costs less than committing a client employee to QMS upkeep. 

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